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Oracle Energy and Water Customer Edge Conference 2024

March 24-26, 2024 | JW Marriott, Austin, TX

Get the Gen AI Edge.

Elevate your Gen AI Game with rSTAR and Oracle.

Join rSTAR Technologies at Oracle Edge, Austin, and connect with our experts to unlock the potential of Gen AI and Analytics, Back-Office Business, Field Service Optimization and CX, Grid Management, Technology and Cloud.

As a proud Gold sponsor, rSTAR Technologies will highlight diverse capabilities and expertise during the Speaker Session and Networking engagements at the event.

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Oracle Edge Conference 2024
March 24 – 26, 2024

rSTAR Technologies is a proud Silver Sponsor of Oracle Edge Conference 2024

Chris Moyer Portrait-1

Chris Moyer
Former CTO Exelon and rSTAR Advisory Council

Speaker Session

Analytics and AI: How Gen AI Is Shaping the Future of Utilities.

Monday March 25, 3:10 – 4:00 PM | Level 3, Room - 303/304

Featured Speaker: Chris Moyer, Former CTO, Exelon

During the session, Chris Moyer, Former CTO Exelon and rSTAR Advisory Council, will demonstrate insights into how Gen AI is accelerating change in the utility market.

From demand prediction, grid management, customer engagement to business process automation, and developing innovative new services, Gen AI is changing every facet of utilities operations.

Chris will share trends, focus on the impact on customer engagement, and discuss next steps to start using Gen AI platforms.

Key Takeaways

Participants will gain insights on the potential uses of GenAI for utilities.
They will leave the session with steps to prepare their organization for GenAI and ideas to explore for process automation, customer service improvements, and more using GenAI.

  • Barriers to adoption of GenAI.
  • Assess your data readiness for GenAI.
  • Understand the potential of GenAI to enhance call centers and more.
  • Chart next steps to leveraging Oracle and GenAI to improve CX, automate processes, and more.

Breakfast Roundtable: Meet with rSTAR Oracle Experts
Tuesday March 26, 7:00 to 8:00 AM, Room 303/304

Our experts will share what you need to prepare for GenAI solutions, and you can ask any questions you have about what it takes to ready your enterprise.

Let’s Connect: Meet with rSTAR Oracle Experts
March 24 – March 26, By Exclusive Appointment.

Schedule an appointment with rSTAR’s GenAI experts. Let’s meet and discuss your project goals and needs and how we can help.

Get an Edge!

Unleash the Power of AI with rSTAR Oracle Experts for Energy and Utilities

The media treats AI like it’s brand new, but rSTAR has been successfully working with AI technology solutions for several years.

Our AI solutions for Oracle users in the energy and utilities industry include call center automation, call deflection, outage reporting, billing assistance, and much more. Whether you need to extend your Oracle platform with innovative solutions or you’re looking to add new CX capabilities, rSTAR has the experience and the experts to support comprehensively.

rSTAR Oracle Resource Center
Checkout our resources for more Gen AI solutions for Oracle users.

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