Case Study

Fortune 500 Manufacturer

A Fortune 500 manufacturer was looking to strengthen the connective tissue between the office and the field by extending the full functionality of their ERP and database to service technicians. Their goals were to improve communication and reduce time-consuming manual reporting.

In this case study, we’ll reveal how this manufacturer:

  • Created 24/7/365 live connectivity between office & field
  • 20% reduction in time for field service debriefs
  • Increased CSAT by strengthening the service experience
  • Reduction in manual processes and the amount of support needed for applications and services

Fortune 500 Manufacturer Connects & Automates Field Service


  • Fully connect the office and field

  • Reduce time-intensive reporting

  • Usability issues that could reduce user adoption

  • Lack of mobility platform, Cloud vision, and a clean look and feel


  • Provide an assessment, recommendation and roadmap for their current field service mobile application

  • Optimize the mobile app user experience

  • Provide a direction for their enterprise mobile strategy


  • An ERP-, CRM-, and warehouse-integrated mobile toolkit

  • Fully automated field reporting


What the Customer Says

With this mobile field service toolkit in place, our enterprise is connected in ways that we’d previously only dreamed of. Technicians in the field get exactly what they need. Our business office personnel are able to do their jobs faster and better than ever. Best of all, we’re doing measurably better work for our customers.”
CIO, Fortune 500 Manufacturer

Mobile technology has enabled today’s workforce to work and operate beyond the confines of the traditional four-walled office space."