Fortune 100 Energy Provider’s CX Revolutionized with Chatbot AI

A Fortune 100 energy company found it increasingly challenging to manage the sheer volume of incoming customer service and account-related tickets. Seeking to create a responsive AI-powered way for customers to interact with their utility provider, the customer contacted rSTAR.

In this case study, we’ll reveal how rSTAR helped this Fortune 100 company:

  • Accelerate customer support through an omnichannel AI chatbot

  • Increase customer satisfaction through responsiveness and self-service experience

  • Reduce wait time and improved customer experience

  • Create a personalized-feeling service using AI

  • Integrate the new chatbot into the company’s existing service framework

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AI Self-Service, Deflecting Calls
& Boosting CSAT


  • Maintaining satisfaction across a massive customer base

  • Sorting, deflecting, and triaging different kinds of service calls

  • Improving CSAT without raising cost


  • Accelerate customer support while reducing call volume

  • Increase customer satisfaction through responsiveness and

  • Reduce time per ticket


  • Reduced call volume by 18% via self-service

  • Improved customer satisfaction ratings for support interactions by 10%

  • Eliminated hold times for outage reports & updates by 100%

  • Provided customers with a responsive self-service experience

  • Created an automated pipeline between customer needs on the utility’s website, other chatbot platforms, and the Oracle Service Platform


What the Customer Says

This chatbot has been a major win for our customers as well as our support team. Getting the information you need has never been faster for customers, and we’re proud to say we now have a point of instantaneous service, and we’ve actually lowed costs overall."

Fortune 100 Utility Chief Transformation Officer

In the past, reporting a downed line or an outage required a phone call that, depending on call volume, could take several minutes to process. Now, customers can communicate service information to us through the chatbot with lightning-quick visibility on our end.

Fortune 100 Utility Chief Transformation Officer