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How Manufacturers Can Maximize Automation ROI in IT, Support, and Beyond

This 45-minute learning session will focus on AI's potential to create new profits in the manufacturing industry, including:

  • Lowering customer service costs up to 50% per call with AI
  • Improving customer experience and satisfaction
  • Creating an AI-powered IT help desk for employees
  • Increasing back-office productivity with AI ERP integration
  • Raising warehouse/order visibility for employees & clients

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Improve User Experience While Saving Money
Integrate & Modernize Legacy Apps & Software
Strengthen your IT & Customer Support Teams
Reduce Time & Cost per Customer Service Call

Presented by


Danny Asnani

Sofbang LLC

A multi-decade veteran of the IT integration space, Danny brings a wealth of knowledge from a wide variety of enterprise chatbot deployments. Under his watch, Sofbang has emerged as a true leader in chatbot technology across a variety of platforms. Danny specializes in helping businesses see the connection between theoretical technologies and real business gains.



Chief Technology Officer
Sofbang LLC

Vivek has been an enterprise middleware specialist for over fifteen years and has been configuring and implementing cloud-based solutions since the invent of cloud computing. Vivek has helped numerous businesses adopt powerful, continuous-improvement-based chatbot strategies by applying and modeling Sofbang's Chatbot Center of Excellence approach.

Thulasinath Yemmela-1

Thulasinath Yemmela

Chatbot & AI Practice Lead
Sofbang LLC

Thulasi joined Sofbang as a solutions architect in 2019 before becoming the chief visionary behind our chatbot practice in 2020. With 15 years of experience in IT and a high-level understanding of how AI/machine learning use cases for business, Thulasi has designed both customer-facing and internal AI integrations use that reduce costs.

As we begin the second half of 2020, all manufacturers need to get their houses in order and start building digital muscles to increase flexibility in the global supply chain.
- Deloitte's Midyear Industry Outlook 2020