Automation Helps Tektronix Do More With Less

When Tektronix needed help unifying their Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) processes, they were referred to rSTAR Technologies for help automating human-intensive tasks and reducing errors that slowed their software delivery.

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In this case study, you will learn:

  • Why Tektronix needed a unified solution to source management and delivery issues inherited from unsupported software – and how rSTAR was able to help them achieve steps toward their goal of automation
  • The challenges that slowed software delivery for Tektronix – and how automation through Flexigon FlexDeploy streamlined manual tasks and reduced deployment issues!

The Quest to Become More
Customer-Centric and Profitable


  • Heavy reliance on manual delivery/release processes
  • Different software stacks complicated automation for integration and delivery
  • Staggered project timelines for implementation and cutover across business units


  • CI/CD integration for the manufacturing Oracle EBS environment through FlexDeploy
  • Streamlined manual Continuous Delivery (CD) tasks through automation
  • Reduced deployment issues resulting from current manual processes
  • Improved communication and coordination in the Software Development Lifecycle


“The people we have demonstrated it to are very excited, because they have this tool that will allow them to manage their source much better. As opposed to nothing now, and it’s very manual.”
Tanya Ky
Senior Oracle Applications DBA, Tektronix

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