Accelerate Your Salesforce Rebate Management Performance.

Easily. Efficiently. Cost-Effectively.

Rebatify is a new specialized Rebate Management app with intuitive wizard-based set up to quickly setup and efficiently manage multiple rebate and incentive programs within your Salesforce Rebate Management platform.

Rebatify offers the convenience of easily setting up multiple product rebate programs and incentive thresholds using custom lists to track and automate performance and payouts.

Rebatify works as an overlay for Salesforce Rebate Management. All you need is an existing license for Salesforce Rebate Management.

Add Rebatify, and the wizard will help you navigate and set up your Salesforce rebate programs within minutes.

EASY Setup of Rebate Programs

When used in conjunction with Salesforce Rebate Management, Rebatify helps you:


Create rebates with wizard-based navigation


Automate the entire rebate process


Select the starting and ending dates


Choose the type of rebates to offer


Import lists from Salesforce or use your own

Rebatify is a welcome addition to AppExchange, as it accelerates business transformation for customers by making Salesforce Rebate Management for Manufacturing Cloud setup and use easy and intuitive.

David Lee
Vice President of Product Management, AppExchange

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Rebatify in the News

Shortly after Rebatify was officially launched, our press release was republished across various news outlets including Manufacturing News Today and FOX 8 News.

Danny Asnani
Danny Asnani
Vice President, Client Engagement
Rebatify is a win-win, because manufacturers can now move from spreadsheets to full automation of their rebate programs, all within the Salesforce ecosystem.
Vivek Ahuja
Vivek Ahuja
Vice President, Information Technology
We understand the need to make such platforms easy to use for non-technical staff from our work over the years with many mid and large-sized manufacturers. Rebatify works with Salesforce Rebate Management for Manufacturing Cloud to make it easier to use.

Why Rebatify is the New Solution for Salesforce Rebate Management

Take advantage of an app that can:
Simplify the Salesforce Rebate Management setup
Guide you through every step with its wizard-based screens
Select the starting and ending dates for your programs
Choose the type
of rebates you want
to use
Import customer lists right from Salesforce or upload personal lists
AND reap the benefits of:
Customer loyaltty
customer loyalty
Artboard 18
Faster payouts
Higher ROI
Higher ROI from better
customer retention

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