Case Study

ERP Modernization Helped Walsh Construction Lower Costs and Increase Productivity

Walsh Construction Company was in the midst of upgrading their ERP, which also required upgrading to a secure cloud platform. They enlisted rSTAR to help them with their entire ERP modernization and optimization initiative that led to a powerful transformation.

In this case study, we’ll reveal how Walsh Construction:

  • Created a custom cloud platform that’s designed to evolve over time
  • Reduced operational costs while enhancing productivity
  • Improved visibility and response time for business-critical reporting tasks
  • Lowered operational costs
  • Eliminated application errors
  • Completed projects on-time and within budget

Walsh Transforms with
Custom Cloud Platform


  • Modernize systems to enhance productivity
  • Scale the solution for a large and growing company
  • Impending higher domestic and global usage optimization
  • Requirements to maximize their ERP investments
  • The need to capture vital operational metrics and performance analytics
  • Critical security requirements to solve known performance
  • Security and scalability issues


  • Upgrade to a secure cloud platform inside a tight timeline
  • Correct unwanted application behavior
  • Create monitors in place to handle them




  • Used rSTAR’s Application Planning and Migration Methodology (APMM) as a service to uncover the complexities involved
  • Implemented and enforced optimized application behavior including enhanced load balancing and streamlined SSL communications
  • Corrected unwanted application behavior and established appropriate monitors in place to proactively handle them
  • Migrated Walsh’s ERP application environment to a more stable, scalable, and optimized application architecture