Case Study

Elevating the Customer Experience with a Secure Portal

Solairus is raising the bar in aviation charter and aircraft management who are unilaterally focused on one primary objective—exceeding the expectations of their clients. To accomplish this, they partnered with rSTAR to extend and connect the elements of Oracle ERP Cloud for aviation asset management leader Solairus' high-flying customers.

In this case study, we’ll reveal:

  • How we extended and integrated the functionality of cloud-based ERP to maximize insights and simplify reporting

  • How we created a customer-delighting portal that provides full transparency for financial transactions and simplifies scheduling, payment, and documentation

  • Increased productivity and efficiency for employees by providing faster, more focused data access

  • Reduced service costs by eliminating duplication of effort through ERP integration


The Power of Oracle ERP & Integration Clouds


  • Integrating and connecting data from various ERP components
  • Generating itemized, accurate reports and asset management narratives
  • Building a fully transparent customer experience
  • Creating a powerful booking, scheduling, and payment portal Protecting the personal and financial information contained in customer accounts


  • Extend the Oracle ERP Cloud experience to pool and centralize data points and functionality
  • Create a customer portal that maximizes data access and provides granular documentation
  • Build transparency for customers without sacrificing data security or privacy


  • Created a secure portal for customer communication that limited customer data to need-to-know basis, improving overall security
  • Migrated away from email for customer communication, protecting personal information and data
  • Eliminated data transfer errors and increased productivity and efficiency for employees by providing faster, more focused data access

Customer Perspective

Without any investment in a data center, we put together a product that has turned our finance function into a marketing and business development tool."
Mark Dennen, CFO, Solairus Aviation