Case Study

OmniMax International Engages Customers, Supports Sales with Digital Experience Portal

OmniMax's sales and account team came to IT with a crucial mission: they needed a better understanding of customer data, behavior, and needs to grow accounts.

In this case study, we’ll reveal:

  • How OmniMax connected Oracle & Salesforce to create a single source of truth for customer data
  • How OmniMax modernized customer experience and increased satisfaction with a digital engagement platform
  • How OmniMax's IT team connected sales with the data they needed to grow business

OmniMax's Journey to a

Comprehensive Customer Experience Hub


  • Sales & Account teams lacked the data to grow accounts
  • Outdated eCommerce interface for direct sales/ordering
  • Opportunities disappearing in the gaps between EBS & Salesforce


  • Increased Account Insights
  • Boosted Sales Productivity
  • Modernized Customer Experience
  • Improved Daily Office Efficiency


What the Customer Says

We pulled off a seamless customer experience that felt like more than a community portal - it was an extension of our existing site."
Elizabeth Rich -- IT Director, OmniMax International

rSTAR was extremely organized, and you could see they had experience with Oracle, Salesforce, and Digital Experience initiatives."
Elizabeth Rich -- IT Director, OmniMax International